Wednesday, July 25

Hot Rod Hayride News... Listen up

GKM will yet again be a sponsor and have a stall at this great event, so come and say hello.

Even better, we will be having a back issue sale... so if you've never bought the mag, now is an unrepeatable chance to try a copy at well under online prices! (This offer will not appear anywhere else).

Here's the deal:

Back issues will be £4 each
Buy 5-9 mags and they will be £3 each
Buy 10-20 and they will be £2.50 each
Buy over 20 and get 'em each for two quid!

So come by and save, save, save!

I'll also be presenting a vintage 1950s bike trophy and a GKM subscription to my pick of the bikes at the show.

So don't miss it... or us!


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