Friday, July 20

Exactly a year ago

I was shooting 6.9%er Steve's Triumph in Swindon.

Looking back through the photos, he is cracking jokes, looning about and laughing in most of them. Trying to find one of him doing a 'biker' face for the mag was hard; and that's why I like him so much.

(Remember what we were talking about I took this one?)

He doesn't let the grass grow under his feet and in 12 months has chopped that Sporty, got rid of that Triumph, changed hot rods, gone from Stocker to Widow and is planning to launch a boy band.

See you next week mate.

1 comment:

steve marshall said...

I do remember mate...and i still think the same !! As for the boy band, just waiting for you and Conrad to call my friend.

Gold !!

ps..look forward to seeing you bud