Wednesday, July 11

Avon calling

And what my Speedmaster MkII was calling out, loud and clear, was 'I'm knackered'.

I'd put a new tube in it and it still wasn't holding air... and no wonder really. The bead was rotten and it wasn't until today that I realised tyres have date codes! As you can see, my tyre – which I've been running on the Pan for 18 months – was made in 1969. I bought it fitted to my super-skinny Jones rim off the 'Bay and it seemed sound so I used it.

Until now. I took it to the pros this time, and the bloke who removed it asked incredulously "you weren't using this on public roads were you?".

Hey, some people just don't get it.

A new one's on order. I also didn't know until today that all Avons are still made in England.

They last well!


Pete Stansfield said...

The front tyre on Old Blu is (or was if Peter has replaced it) 1927.

Guy@GK said...

Let's hope he's not riding it to Germany and back in the rain then!

missinglink said...

Without checking , I`d be willing to bet there isn`t an issue of DicE or GK , which doesn`t have at least one bike in it running a 300/21 Speedmaster . Can`t think of another part you could say that about .

WhitelinePsycho said...

Good value for money it would seem.

Wayne@Kustom Ink said...

Some of these old tyres need an axe put thru them. I love the older designs but sometimes when you see the tyres the young guys buy at the swap meets it's a real headshaking moment. I just hope they get used for burnouts!

Sideburn Magazine said...

You disappoint me Guy. I thought you were a stickler for originality, and heard rumor you had a special shed of glass jars filled with period correct air for your tyres.

I just calculated the combined age of the Speed Masters on my chop is 103 years old, which would explain why it's so good a doing Dukes of Hazard tyre screeching.