Tuesday, July 3

Ha-ha-Harleys that handle?

I have heard a rumour, so far unsubstantiated, that some Harley owners actually like to ride fast on their bikes. And go around sharp corners.

While my Panhead is unfortunately incapable of such wizardry, I understand that some H-D owners do all they can to make their motorcycles perform. If you're one of them, you need to know about The Speed Merchant's black anodised 39mm pre-load fork adjusters. They are a lovely bit of kit, and were the ORIGINALS on the market... not to be confused with sad rip-off copies.

They give 7/8" adjustment and fit, amongst other models, '88-and-up 883 Sporties and '87-'94 FXRs. For the full specs, go HERE.

The Speed Merchant is run in SoCal by three partners, one of whom, Mark Kawakami, will be well known to you as the photographer who shoots most of GKM's covers. He, Denver Dan and Brandon Holstein have a great brand, focusing on innovation and great quality. Check them out and support the independents!

And fuck the rip-off artists!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

While I don't have the adjusters, I have been running the finned derby cover on my skirtster for eighteen months or so, excellent product in both quality and aesthetics and also its function of drawing heat away, good crew to deal with as well, top notch stuff. Like you say, support !!