Wednesday, March 28

Issue 26... subs start shipping this week

I love Grant Peterson's '78 Shovelhead... in fact, it's probably the Shovel I would put in my garage if I had unlimited choice and budget.

So he's on the cover of the new ish... and we talk to him inside about his influences and interesting path from fabricator to automotive journalist.

What else? We have a super-cool Panhead chopper from a member of Alcatraz MC in Sweden; ChopperLab's GKM Award-winning Panhead from Italy; a bad-to-the-bone Pan from Jason Parker in Toronto; Bill Mize's extraordinary '47 Knucklehead; Chubb's superbly-finished Shovel from the UK; Death Science Kyle's '77 Sportster; Ichiro's beautiful '37 ULH bob-job – one of two he owns; a lovely nickel-plated Triumph from England and Mochi's coverage of the Tokyo Breakfast Club's monthly meet...

I'd buy it if I didn't publish it– honest!

You can pre-order HERE.

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DicE Magazine said...

Looking good Billie Ray.
Feeling good Lewis.