Monday, March 5

For real

What kind of man sends you some of his Roth 'Choppers' collection just because he likes the magazine you're putting out?

I'm not going to name him here as I suspect it would just embarrass him, but suffice it to say (again) that you make the truest friends through motorcycles. In fact I've had some very cool stuff being delivered by our chain-smoking post lady this week – all of it undeserved, but all of it very welcome.

Especially as I'm having a shit week so far, forced to waste a couple of days sharing space with the lowest imaginable human detritus. I'm sure you can guess where.


Anonymous said...


community service, dole queue?

yeah, grim.

jimmy monk said...

Community service?

Walter said...

New Jersey?

Pete Stansfield said...

Pub accross the road ?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Old Trafford?