Friday, March 9

Existentialist nazi bikers on acid

Great cover. Looks like a juicy tale of white supremacist bikers eating each other after a particularly wild party, right?

In fact, it's an experimental postmodern tale based in war-torn Germany, where an American officer is overseer of a defeated village. Yawn. Author John Hawkes apparently didn't care for plot, characterisation or settings, and said of his style: "Like the poem, the experimental fiction is an exclamation of psychic materials which come to the writer all readily distorted, prefigured in that inner schism between the rational and the absurd."

Er, right. Don't think I'll bother reading it. (Looks like the book jacket designer didn't bother either.)

Thanks to TipTopDaddy for picking this gem up for me.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Guy, superbly cynical post, reminded of a certain band you'd be well familiar with . . . go to my blog to find out more . . . btw, 2 issues into my sub and am so enjoying the greasy little rag, bloody brilliant mate, cheers.

John Fitzgerald said...

Yep, good post.

tiptopdadddy said...

Hahaha, looks great on a shelf among other cool artifacts!