Saturday, March 24

Folk art, man

I don't know what it is actually. But, no doubt like you, I find pleasure in the krust, rust and personality of old chopper parts.

I can imagine some fella buying this taillight and then gouging it in his garage, somewhere in Nowheresville Arizona, putting it on his Triumph with no thought for the future or the fact some bloke on another continent would one day be pondering over his scratchings.

I share the Japanese fascination with trying to guess the stories that could be told by these old bits and pieces.


allcoamex said...

Hey Guy. If I'm not mistaken it looks like "La Catrina" google it in images. Diego Rivera made sevral satire painting. It represented peasants and a wealthy dressed skelleton What he was trying to convey was everyone dies the same. No matter how rich or poor. Everyone dies. Cheers from Chicago. Francisco

Guy@GK said...

That's interesting... hadn't seen the face and hat until now, thought it was just a random pattern!