Tuesday, October 18

Rockabilly Guy

Well... yeah.

The sound of north London in 1980/81. Tim doing the Royalty bop... Boz with a Double Anniversary when they were still cheap... Rock-a-Cha pegs and box jackets as far as the eye can see.

Be nice to travel back in time for an early '80s Thursday night in Southgate.


Trawler said...

I used to go to Rock-a-cha Kensington Market for some cool shirts.
This was in my "The Higsons post punk days!"

79rigid said...

I saw them at a festival in Vegas sometime in the early 2000's and they blew everyone away.

WiseAss said...

WOW, haven't heard these guys since I dug out my Blasters and my other "Cat" albums from the 80s...was it Make a Circuit with Me?

I'll take that trip to the 80s with ya...