Saturday, October 15

Bike photography... when bikers were bikers

If you read biker mags in the UK back before the trad chopper resurgence of the past decade, you couldn't fail to have admired the work of Garry Stuart. BSH, HOG (which became Heavy Duty), Classic American... he was photographer of choice for 'em all. As well as creating a number of books under his own name and with Caz Carroll.

And now he's set up a Blog to document some of these images, which I guarantee will be familiar. Check out Garry's 'HarleyPics' HERE.


Pete Stansfield said...

Already my favourite blog of the moment.

WiseAss said...

Guy, you NEVER fail to impress. Awesome link, thanks!

Skyridinggypsy said...

That is the "kingdom of Kicks " panhead, made famous by Dave Mann!