Wednesday, November 17

The Magic Pan too

Sam's comment about the Magic Pan (see post from Monday) made me think what a coincidence it was that two feature bikes, from roughly the same era, should share the same moniker.

Then Casey from G & H Cycles contacted me with the photos above from Street Chopper, April '78, wondering whether it might be the same bike? Other than the Cycle Shack girder and the Invader/Super Spoke wheels, it looks like a different bike... but it is the same one.

The clue is the owner/builder's name... Syd Desoto. Not one you'd forget in a hurry.

Anyway, it neatly sums up how (in my opinion) choppers lost their simplicity of line as the seventies progressed. I definitely prefer the earlier version I posted (from the December 1975 issue of Choppers magazine).

Amazing what a difference a couple of years make... especially in the seventies.

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