Monday, November 29

The GKM Award at Yokohama

Couldn't quite believe it but the Mooneyes guys have asked me to present a GKM Award at their show in Yokohama.

It's strange – and incredibly fulfilling – as I sit here in my little office looking out at the snow, to think that other people (especially of the calibre of the Mooneyes Co) actually see GKM as a proper magazine, with some relevance to the talented individuals able to build bikes I can only dream about.

Anyway, as it's last minute and I can't think of anything better, I will purloin another vintage trophy from my collection to give away. That makes it a personal gift.


Gareth said...

GKM is a world class publication which speaks to its readership! You're up there with the best!

No need to humble's deserved!

23bricks said...

good going Guy
Jimmy is out there doing some ramen research for you in advance
meanwhile I am sitting on a heater

Unknown said...

bloody great mate well done to you,my pc gave up the ghost so i'm struggling to get online at mo,waiting for wireless router,aaaah winter don't you just love it. lol, Jimmy in japan and Lee in Thailand....lucky Baaastard's..

Trawler said...

I have given away framed prints and personalized trophies for my Big ramp skate events over the last 5 years.
There is nothing as fulfilling as giving back to something you are passionate about.
Cool, more power too ya!