Wednesday, November 17

Frank Kaisler writes for GKM

I'm pleased to tell you that Frank Kaisler will be writing a regular column in GKM from issue 18.

As you'll all know, Frank was on the staff of Easyriders for 10 years, and knows more about custom Harleys than anyone I've ever met. He's been "fooling around with custom motorcycles" since the mid-1960s and was also at the helm for stints at American Iron and Hot Rod Bikes magazines, amongst others.

I know you'll enjoy his stories and insights over the months; as he says, "only the names have been changed to protect me from an ass-whooping...".

Thanks again to Irish Rich, a good friend of Frank's, for his contribution to GKM and the loan of some of these photos!


Irish Rich said...

Geeze! Did you have to use such a BIG photo? HAHA! And,you got Natasha in the photo to boot.

The King of Kalifornia (formally the Pope Of Burbank). Frank will do a good job for you, that's the truth. Good luck Frank.

Got the latest issue of GK in the mail yesterday, and thanks for the farewell in your editorial. I appreciate it, Guy.

Pete Stansfield said...

Will there be free ear warmers ?