Friday, September 17

Hot Rod Drags... I managed to get 20 miles

The plan was to get out for perhaps the final longish ride of the 'summer' before snow hits us again (which someone told me yesterday could be a matter of weeks).

Destination: Hot Rod Drags at Long Marston, near Stratford. Roughly a 400 mile round trip.

I had arranged to get to Benny's house in Solihull at midday, so packed the bike last night and got up early.

As soon as I started the Pan, I could hear things weren't right. It was popping and sounding rough. Bad fuel? I'd filled up the night before to save time. With a deadline in mind, I pressed on and took off.

After 6 miles the bike stopped running on the front pot. I stopped and the plug was black and sooty. I swapped it out and carried on, with the bike running fine... for a few more miles. Then the trouble started again. I leaned out the Linkert a little way but knew I didn't want to do running repairs and diagnostics on a 200 mile ride with a deadline to hit.

So now I'm back at home, Blogging. I should have taken my lucky Max Schaaf medallion with me.


The 9/16ths said...

Aw, gutted for you. Can't you fettle it and turn up later? Or is it a bigger problem.

Dave Polgreen said...

Hey Guy-I would check the condenser, then the coil. Check points for corrossion/dirt. Those are the likely culprits. Assuming you have points in the distributor, of course.

Hermann said...

Had that happen the other year when the engine sprocket bolt sheared,dropping the sprocket and locking up the rear wheel. Couldn't drill the bolt out due to the break.
Hope you have a decent weekend