Friday, September 3

AEE is back

"Our parts manager, and my friend to this day, Lenny Cenotti guarding Tom's Mindbender. That shotgun hung on the wall by the cash register in case anybody had any thoughts of jacking us. What you didn't see is he's packing a 38 in a shoulder holster and there was a 9mm in the cash drawer. No unintended withdrawals at AEE....ever!"

AEE were one of the leading chopper parts manufacturers and distributors from 1967 until well into the mid-'70s, and their parts are sought after today. The legendary Tom McMullen was largely responsible for AEE's success, and was also responsible for creating 'Street Chopper' magazine.

I came across a Blog dedicated to their memory containing some great photos and history. It isn't clear to me whether it's an ex-employee who is running the Blog, but it's well worth looking at, and I hope they update a little more often...


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