Monday, September 20

Hot Rod Drags 2010

After the pain of having to turn the bike back homeward on Friday, Pete and Alison offered to give me a lift in the van down to the Drags on Saturday morning.

Caught up with old friends, met new ones... you know the drill. It was a great laugh, and good to see so many bikes there again as well as the amazing line-up of hot rods, gassers, slingshots and souped-up saloons. It gave me the itch to get another pick-up... but I can't see it happening anytime soon.

Thanks for doing all the driving Pete, and thanks for the gourmet grub, Ali!


John said...

This was a great event this year - I really enjoyed watching the racing. Caz

Flamesey said...

Hey , even our Flywheel brazier got

Spindle said...

Cool montage

Knuckle Buster said...

Thanks Guy, I don't feel as bad about truckin' my Knuck to Brooklyn for the Invitational!
BTW my 18 year old stole the GKM trucker you sent me and wears the shit outta it!