Thursday, September 30

For whom the bell tolls

Back to my desk after a 600 mile roadtrip, shooting stuff for the mag.

Had a great time back in my hometown... thanks Renshaw for the hospitality and letting me ride your FXR. The first Evo I've ever ridden... is that a good thing or not? I'm now a convert.

Great to see the London crew and get to lanesplit in the big smoke again... at least a decade since I've done that.

Also got to hang out with Johnny Morales, a legend and shapeshifter who is blurred in every photo I've ever seen of him (including the ones I took this week). His garage is un-be-liev-able.

Had a good time too with Shaky in Bristol shooting Shu's lovely XS... another enviable garage and lovely tea. Sorry it was a lightning visit mate.

Back to layouts and tax returns.

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