Saturday, February 6

You say tamayto, we say tomarto

We say autojumble, you say swapmeet. Our autojumbles always seem to be cold, damp, and full of stalls selling rusty old tools, moped lights and kitchen tat; your swapmeets seem to be bathed in sunshine and full of stalls selling vintage speed parts and cheap barn-find Knuckleheads.

Anyway, I got up at the crack o' sparrers to go to Rufforth, had a cup of char with Pete (he looked chillier the lighter the morning became), scoured the tables of junk and added a couple more chopper-themed old MCM mags to the pile.


tiptopdadddy said...

I wish our swaps were chock full cheap barn find knucks and the like. But they are pretty much like yours I imagine, though a bit more "rustic". Lots of hillbillys sleeping overnight in the trailer they used to haul up their junk and the like. Locally the Walneck's swaps are decent. The Hoosier auto swaps are my favorite and HUGE. Super Sundays arent too bad either. I usually make a beeline for Chris Pfouts' booth; want a Chicago kicker pedal, a crate of mint 70s Street Chopper mags or some weird Indian Larry crap he will never sell? Yeah, he's got all that and more. Worse, his little swapmeet get around minibike has an original Bates seat that he wont come off of. But I've had some luck with original AF and sparkley helmets, Stallion tandem seat and an original Mustang tank. Anyway you go about it, swaps are the best random act of fun you can have! Let me know if you are looking for anything.

steviemonster said...

it was cold!! Good to meet you x