Sunday, February 28

Bonhams motorcycle auction

A friend sent me this from Bonham's auction held yesterday at Hendon RAF museum... a place well worth a visit in its own right if you're ever in northwest London.

It's a 1926 J model OHV racer... and went for £30,000 ($45k).

I'm nosy, me, and love seeing what people will pay for things. This auction offered Hendersons, Excelsiors, Indians, an Ace, a Cleveland, Broughs and Vincents. To find out what sort of wads collectors are whacking on the table – and for what – check the sales results here.


Motorcycle Clothing said...

Yah very nice bike and its color so beautiful. thanks for sharing it.

Nobbi said...

i know it..its from germany.
8 valve

Anonymous said...

The Black Widow!

see Bonhams Auction also at


American motorcycles said...

This bike is a two valve built a few years back by Harry Hacker in Germany. It have created quite a bit of raised voices after the auction as Bonhams did a "fishy" presentation of its unknown? history. Read more on this topic at the AMCA forum (Antique Motorcycle club America).