Friday, January 4

Rewind: Mr Watts

Before I left Oz, I hooked up with Simon Watts at the 2009 Kustom Nationals in Victoria, Australia and took a few shots of his practical and patina'd Beesa bob-job (which he'd ridden to the show).

For one reason and another I never got it together to get it into print, so here it is... better late than never.

Mr Watts is a highly talented individual who turns his hand from writing ads (how I first met him) to pinstriping, building cars and bikes, painting and now tattooing. Sorry about the delay in airing these mate; see you soon!


WhitelinePsycho said...

Used to skate with him when he was a young surf grom, stoked to see him doing so well, awesome talent.

Anonymous said...

Wow the bike looks so clean in those shots Guy. Hey Whiteline, where did we skate together? It wasn't the Ashmore bowl was it? Simon

Anonymous said...

little bugger can do just about anything,
{butt slam dunk.}