Friday, January 11

It gets me, despite myself

The Smiths weren't my cup of tea. It was more the students who idolised them that irritated me than their music, if I'm honest. But I did buy the 'This Charming Man' single on the Rough Trade label in 1983.

It's hard to describe how different the record sounded at the time. In your face, yet coy. Manic, yet louche. Marr's guitar was extraordinary... that opening riff is one of the best ever in popular music. But no one ever praises the bass line (in fact, didn't Morrissey argue that the bassist and drummer had no creative part to play in the band during their court battle over royalties?) which is superb.

I still love it, and it's the record my sister still associates with me at that time... not the obscure rockabilly that was my life.

More about me and Moz, here.


Tibbs said...

re me & moz, your a bigger legend than that mate, you've created the coolest mag in Blighty, fact!

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

We hate it when our friends become succesful

WhitelinePsycho said...

Ha, classic. I remember reading that post way before I 'signed up' to the Blogger thing, so many memories, so much perfect hair . . . agree with all you said about The Smiths mate, nobody sounded remotely like them and that was one hell of a single, loved it despite myself, the power of music.

John Fitzgerald said...

I think it must be difficult to not be an ass if you become successful when young. Morissey is the only pop singer who spoken out about mass immigration etc. Other than Ian Anderson there is no other pop singer I respect.