Saturday, January 12

Bit less seasoning please

Just over three months ago, I took this photo riding home from a lazy lunch in the country with Pete. Chuck Taylors and sunshine, Ray Bans and warm air. Perfect.

So don't give me that old bollocks about how you love the seasons: watching the leaves turn then drop; waking to that muffled silence that tells you the first snow has fallen; waiting for the spring flowers to push their way through the frost.

I don't want seasons. I want sunshine, every day. All year round.

I had that, pretty much, in Australia. In the ten years we lived there, NSW was officially 'in drought'. Ideal in biking terms. (Obviously slightly less ideal in population sustainability terms.)

Still can't get used to the descent into four or five months of freezing, wet – and soon to be snow-covered – misery here.

I need to get to LA or Sydney, fast.


matt machine said...

id love to think that you would head out here again guy...but there is no doubt LA is more appropriate in chop terms.

Andy Morgan said...

Makes me smile on the Z1 forum when the Aussies say they went out on their bikes on a cold morning, they post nice warm pics to rub our noses in it.

buzz said...

Come to Melbourne mate !!!!!!

goosegreen_63 said...

Stop moaning ; i left England in the 90,s and miss it like Hell you new it before you left so yue had your reasons live with it JUST SAYING for pete,s sake..

Guy@GK said...

Goose, if I stopped moaning I would have no material to populate this blog with.

Motorcycle Exhaust said...

I feel the should be a riding season all year round. One season, that's it. If only wishes were horses....

Sideburn Magazine said...

How about a microwave instead of a helmet?
Zap yourself to the required temperature.
Good visibility.
Impact resistant.
Might need to fit some wipers.

now where are the photos of of you and Fid snuggling over a long pizza that I really came on the blog for?