Thursday, January 10

Next week... Verona!

If it's as much fun as last year, it will be good. We're heading for the Verona 'Motor Bike Expo' next Thursday and will be there until the Monday.

Come along to buy magazines, hats, stickers... you know, the usual.

And hopefully Ben will be on hand again to make the GKM display a little more, well, Hassidic.


max schaaf said...

happy new year guy.
thanks for the comment on the
blog the other day, max

Guy@GK said...

HNY to you too Max.

Guzzmen said...

Damn dude, can`t make it this year... indeed it was great fun last year.
Have a good one
5170Cheers Nico

Sideburn Magazine said...

Ben is off the hook (the Uk meaning, not the So Cal, but he's a bit that too), so just me and Dave this time. We'll see you at our, party, right? Free booze and killer tunes (tweed optional). G

Guy@GK said...

Oh yes, the rockabilly rebels will be there in force.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Sorry I couldn't make it Guy. It sounds like you had a ball anyhow (the US meaning, not the UK, you're probably ok in that department).