Sunday, November 18

The Pogues and Harley choppers

Heard The Dubliners' brilliant version of this on the radio this morning and it sparked a rapid succession of memories. So what's the connection between The Pogues and motorcycles? Well, when I used to hang around Camden Town in the eighties there was a guy with a bleached quiff who seemed to be a permanent fixture in the Caernarvon Castle pub (Shane McGowan's local) and was always at Pogues gigs. He turned out to be one of their roadies... and it was only years later I discovered it was founding 'Father Fury' of The Sinners, Rico Fodrey. It's a funny old world.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Brilliant yarn mate, what a freakout that is . . . did a gig supporting Mr McGowan et al in Brisbane in the mid eighties, he was so pissed he fell backwards into the kit, all hell broke loose on stage, complete intra band chaos . . . rock and roll, gotta love it !!! Cheers Gov.