Tuesday, November 13

Hello again Claes

If you have seen the current DicE mag (I still haven't!) you may remember the name Claes Lindblom, as his Panhead bobber is featured. And as if one jaw-droppingly gorgeous old H-D wasn't enough, he also built this '54 Pan chopper which we saw at The Castle Run in Denmark in May.

In true Swedish style, this bike is hard-ridden but absolutely immaculate. Check out those dual Dell'Ortos! How do they do it? How do we do it? The great features just keep coming... and this one is coming soon my friends.

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goosegreen_63 said...

I;ve given up on DiCe folks,hav;nt managed to buy the last three copy,s so fuck em AND i do hope GkM does;nt go down the same road still have to go to düsseldorf for it Oh well!!
I,Ve got one dellorta and that,s a bitch sometimes god only knows i think they are wizards of sorts...