Wednesday, November 7

Rewind: the Gosford bob-job

Late 2006. The sky in Sydney is the brightest blue. The sun offers a warm embrace from sun-up to sundown. Spanking new 400D in hand, I go looking for material for the new magazine I am thinking about publishing. I met Mark Austin, proprietor of Pacific H-D, through my friend Roger Chambers and remembered a cool Knucklehead bob-job I'd seen tucked away in the back of his shop.

So one day I headed an hour and a half north out of the city to the central coast, where I shot the shit with Mark and then shot his bike. It's one of his personal bikes and one of my favourite Knuckleheads.

Mark had an online store where you could browse his stash of vintage parts but it was never updated, so I'd be tantalised enough by a ribbed Bates seat or set of Stelling risers to call him, knowing he'd always say "ahhh... we sold that ages ago".

The green Knuck's in issue one, in case you've never seen a copy.


Roger Chambers said...

Damn fine lookin bike......I liked the look when it had twin carbs, but Mark said it was always a bitch to start.

WhitelinePsycho said...

'Bobber' definition - see above, definitive.