Monday, September 10

What a trip

After one of Pete's exhaust pipes fell off in front of me on the A1 I knew it was going to be a memorable weekend.

And it was.

I hope these phone photos tell some sort of tale. You can fill in the gaps I'm sure.

So nice to party with good friends from Sweden, Belgium, France and the USA. The atmosphere was perfect, as was the weather. Only a later curfew could have made the weekend any better.

If you missed it, kick yourself. Hopefully you'll get there next year... but the first one is always the most talked about.

Well done Loggy, Estelle, Andy and Anna for putting on a great event. Good people, all.

Benny won the GKM Best in Show Davida helmet and trophy with his blue Honda digger. It summed up The Trip Out perfectly. And it's for sale... now as a show winner! Runner-up was Rinus de Jongh's beautifully detailed Shovel.

(And if you nicked my sunglasses, I hope your next blood test is very bad news.)


Roger Chambers said...

Looks like a brilliant weekend Guy.....I remember another time when someone nicked your sunnies! Maybe the same bloke went to the UK?

Guy@GK said...

Ha ha! I'd forgotten that Roger. Fucking junkies!

Quaffmeister said...

Quality with a capital K !!!!
Really can't see how it could of got any better.

Knuckle Buster said...

Looks like a great time...what's this curfew shit about????

Guy@GK said...

That's England for you Jeff... everyone must be tucked up in bed by 1am.

Austin said...

yeah the curfew was a shame, i was havin so much fun in the black widows tent until the power got shut off