Monday, September 17

At last

I've been chasing down a feature on this bike for years. And now, finally, Mark managed to shoot it for me whilst it is under the care of Caleb at CRO Customs. It's a beautifully subtle custom '59 Duo Glide with shovelheads, built by Thomas Torjesen when he worked at Salinas Boys. 

In my top five customs of the past ten years, for sure.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Yeah, it's gorgeous, saw some shots of it a while ago, Cro's blog maybe, but the full feature will be great.

Roger Chambers said...

Now that's a beaut bike looks like it has the same front brake set up that I had on my FLH, a Tokiko 4 piston caliper and HD disc with braided line. It worked a treat!