Tuesday, September 25

London Nomads W-W-N-W-W

Outside Delight, Tokyo, 2010.

Gutted I won't make it this year.

The other nomads will be wandering, and I'll be partying here.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Totally off topic mate, however, did some enquiring re the McQueen shots, starting at 950 pounds, the ones I was most interested in 1500. Likely not bad value, just a poofteenth out of my reach, lottery winning notwithstanding.

Guy@GK said...

I could have bought some original signed Danny Lyon Bikerriders prints in around 1992 and ummed and ahhed about the price... and now I am kicking myself up the arse.

23bricks said...

tokyo is gay
bromsgrove is where its at

Sideburn Magazine said...

Cap on backwards? You must've been drunk. G

Guy@GK said...

Gary, you already know me too well.