Sunday, January 8

Panhead chopper in a weekend

OK, a very slight exaggeration, but six years ago when my mate Buzz flew up to my place in Sydney with his TIG, we knew we had a long hot weekend to turn a frame, springer and a motor into a working motorcycle.

Buzz made the pipes, seat mounts, tank mounts, brackets... and we de-cluttered the Paughco frame and got the bike assembled, all in those few days.

It only took a couple more days once Buzz was gone to bend up some struts, rattle can the frame and tank and fire the bike up.

Good times with a good friend.



Remember pics of you on this bike riding under the Australian sun;
you was the "Eagle of the Road" Guy !!

Rusty 55 pan said...

The bike is still the same and runs like a dream.
I should know, I own it.
Do you want some pic of it?
Regards Rusty

Guy@GK said...

Yeah Rusty, send me some photos... would be good to see how it looks now.

buzz said...

That was a great weekend mate .
Maybe one day you will live back in OZ and we will do it again .
Cheers !