Friday, January 6

Hey baby, I can do 46mph... how fast you wanna go?

What was your first car?

Fresh from the test centre, I bought this early 100E Anglia ('54 maybe?) for a couple of hundred quid. Leaking fuel tank, vacuum-operated wipers that stop on hills, three speed box (with no second gear), more rust than metal.

Whitewall flaps and a radio cassette made it a (snail-like) cruiser. A fragrant whiff of petrol and pomade followed me into every nightclub in north London.

I've never loved a car so much.


Pete Stansfield said...

Saab 96 two stroke. Howled along followed by a plume of blue smoke. Thirsty as hell after only having had a bike as transport for 5 years. It finally rotted beyond repair and i stripped it for spares (can you believe that ?).

Eddie said...

A Chevanne (real name google it) basically a crappy Chevette with no rear windows... of course the back got carpeted, skull on the gear stick.... JESUS... what was I thinking! Bought for £300 and sold for £350... jobsagoodun!!

Neil Holdom said...

A Mk2 Ford Consul 375 which I rebuilt on my mum and dads drive.
Put widened rims on the back and 6 overriders on the front bumper.
Closest thing to a '55 Chevy I could get.
Vacuum wipers too.
Shades of grey and red oxide primer.
Loved it and kept it for 10 years.

MPH said...

a knackered 68 minor, with knackered front bushes so saved me lowering it, i kinda miss it! Harley

Roger Chambers said...

A 1954 FX Holden sedan, bought it for $50...138ci six cylinder, three on the tree and 6volt electrics. It was green, the previous owner painted it by was pretty furry. I loved that car, especially at night inside the car, the dim instrument panel providing the atmosphere.....and the shitty headlights barely showing the road.

tiptopdadddy said...

A 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix Brougham with a vinyl half top, coach lights, crushed velvet interior and wire hub caps. I inherited it from my mom and it was most uncool. But it was a set of wheels and all mine. I drove it to every hardcore show and kegger party within 100 miles. That sense of youthful freedom is missed, the car...not so much.

Battle said...

What a beaut... Got a soft spot for 100E's