Wednesday, January 4

David Snow visits CJ Allan for new year

Two legends in one video.

David Snow edited Iron Horse in the nineties and created the best issues of any motorcycle magazine, anywhere.

CJ Allan has been a member of The Hessians MC since 1968. He's been on the front of Choppers magazine (1971), built some iconic choppers and is a master engraver. He's done it all.

I found this on Snow's FB page: would love to have eavesdropped on the conversations he didn't record...


Roger Chambers said...

That was really cool Guy, no pretensions going on there.

Guy@GK said...

Yeah mate, proper bikers...

Happy new year Roger... email me!

jimmy monk said...

fucking ironheads.
i get the feeling if he just bit the bullet and got himself a late 80's evo sporty his life would improve. FTF i know. but maybe he could steal buy one from a tweaker, do an amigo a favour.
some people enjoy the misery.
id rather be riding.
great film though.

felika number said...

Two of my favorite guys, in one place