Friday, September 16

Thank you folks

My follower counter has just clicked over onto 600 followers, and with 623,000 page views in 18 months a conservative estimate would be a million page views since the GKM blog started in March 2008.

So thank you.

Thank you if you read this and thank you if you read the magazine. A number of people took the time to tell me last night at the Lone Wolf how much they enjoy GKM and if you know me you will know how much these comments mean to me. When I am sitting at my desk wondering whether to wind the magazine down, they can make it all seem worthwhile. Really.

Ok, back to the east coast mayhem.


- Posted on the move in Brooklyn


Me, innit! said...

You know I love you.

Charlie Horse said...

keep the posts commin', us losers in in Utah need to live vicariously through someone!