Monday, September 26

Blimey, this is good

I've seen Dean play a number of times over the years, from when he was a kid (Rocker), to his band Magnum 500 on the beach at the Hemsby weekender about 11 years ago, to the Black Tibetans last week in New York.

And as a total music snob and cynic – I'm an ex-musician – it takes a lot to get me whooping at a gig, but the Black Tibetans did. Think of the number of bands who can do fast rock 'n' roll with a punky tinge and still write a decent melody, and you'll realise how hard it is to do. The Black Tibetans' gig at the Gutter Bar in Brooklyn ranks as one of the most enjoyable I've been to... the snorting of mysterious powder onstage and Dean falling offstage onto a guy in a wheelchair (knocking him over) just added to the fun.

Been playing this album sampler a lot since I got home... and when it comes out, I recommend you buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Dean even does a good American accent... and they do a stomping version of Dr Feelgood's classic "She does it right". How can you possibly lose?


-BaRoN- said...

the wheelchair lapdance : hilarious !

DicE Magazine said...

Wow...I'm honoured!
Thanks Guy that really means a lot!
At least someone likes us!
Ps. We only do the Feelgood track when you are in the audience.

DicE Magazine said...

Oh...and the full album will be released at the end of next month and be available to buy on the one and only DicE Records...natch'.

hotrodcharlie5 said...

Guy, it was real nice to meet you in Brooklyn. You are a great guy, and put out a cool magazine. Keep it up.
(I'm the guy in the wheelchair)

Guy@GK said...

Good to meet you too Charlie... glad you weren't too worse for wear after Dean decided to solo in your lap!