Wednesday, September 7

Take two

DicE mag outtakes.

© Gareth Buddo


Leedog said...

Ah, those were the days eh bud?

Gareth Buddo said...

pining after your chop Guy? It could be worse.

My missus just bought me a Lego figures 'sachet' from the Spar (she's like that).
Was hoping for the axe wielding warrior (size of axe = size of axe wielding warrior), got the Zumba Woman (complete with ghetto blaster!)

Life sucks!

allcoamex said...

Guy, what stage is this? first: you were like, "My bike is going to be down no biggie" 2nd: Guy- look at those posers in front of my place riding their gelande wagons with trailers. wearing camo oh so lame those blokes. 3d: Now you are pulling her High school picture and staring at her over and over and longing. Hehe I hope you get her back soon and thanks for everything you do for us. Cheers mate. Francisco

drsprocket said...

Guy, Third from the bottom's the money shot. Of all the ways you were trying to go with it this is the ONE. It's o.k. to leave it alone now. Doc

Guy@GK said...

Yeah, the frustration is kicking in... but shouldn't be too long now.

And Doc, I have one more change to make... later two-piece Sporty/FL bars with the internal throttle, narrower and higher, nicer bend... they are going on soon.

23bricks said...

I could swear the widow bell is rocking from side to side slightly in the wind
sporty 2 piece is good move