Thursday, September 1

Always late

My wife was listening to Bob Harris tonight while cooking the dinner and called me in... "They're playing Lefty!". Had a little dance to a song that was no.1 in the chart 60 years ago today.

Makes me hope there is a little bar in Brooklyn where Tip Top Daddy and I can drink a few brews and listen to Lefty and the rest. Makes me think of my old truck that was my haven, my shrine to old country music, where I could turn up the volume and get lost in sentimentality.

Apologies for the video; turn it up and listen to a voice that is as plaintive as they come.

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Anonymous said...

You know Guy, I am sure I'm not the only one to say how "right" your blog is and how "rght" the mag is. As a 54 year old with bikes in his blood since early teens, I am amazed and inspired by a "scene" that I never knew existed. I feel at home here among kindred spirits. Thank you Guy.
NE Lincs