Friday, October 1

Behind closed doors in London

Johnny M's place is amazing... I spent hours looking through his books and bits (some great HA photos I've never seen before and will probably never see again), and it was almost laughable how much interesting stuff he has. Try to get a better look at his Aston DB5 and you trip over his Vincent, try to get a better look at his Ace and you're stepping over his Knuck.

Thanks for a great afternoon JM... see you soon.


Chris said...

That's a fucking goldmine overthere!

Pete Stansfield said...

Ive got to stop selling things, What a place.

The 9/16ths said...

Last time i was in Johnny the Mooks garage the "nicely" laid out bits of dismantled bikes were blurring into each other. Sent my OCD into overdrive. Truly a great guy, I got hooked on 45s after seeing his.

American motorcycles said...

If Johnny is ever going to rearrange any in his cave I would have suggested bringing the ACE closer to free space.
An ACE, thats something, got a pretty high score on my wish list.


Gob-Iron Simo said...

alladin's cave alright!