Monday, October 18

Get 'em while they're hot...

Issue 17 is now available to buy from our new (and hopefully improved) GKM Store.

This issue is a cracker (I know, I always say that)... and features:

Benny Thomas and his long-lost '51 EL Panhead
Jon Rispante's 'Blcak Bart' murdered-out Triumph
Dan Henke's amazing handbuilt '46 Knuck... a hot rod from the '50s!
Choppin' crusader Tom Rad's Trophy
The Hotrod Hayride
Matt Davis from DicE - livin' the dream!
From bagger to bitchin'... Matt Jackson's '72 Shovel
Paul Whitehurst's WR/KR racer... spicy!
CxTxM's Triumph chopper – Vise crew Nagoya stylee!
Calvin's '75 XLH... built for track and street
Joel Pippett's outlaw-influenced Shovel
Loran's Knuck... French artistry

1 comment:

Stevie.. said...

your right, they are all cracker's.... real good shit indeed, cheer's Guy