Wednesday, October 27


You decide.


steve / stockers said...

I thought Pete was your Janitor!!!
(only kiddin' Pete)

Guy, you have a humble opinion of yourself and your accomplishments & abilities

For one person to do what you do is simply astonishing!!

Nuff said..

BTW You look 40lbs lighter in that pic guy

missinglink said...

Not too sure if I can make a judgement about who`s a Dork , as I think I`m probably one !
But , I can tell you what I think GK has got right , where most of the others go wrong . Just like you say in that article , Guy , the story should be about the owner , with the bike/car details coming as a result of that , not the other way round .
GK ~ definitely my fave magazine .
(`fave` ????......see , I told you I was a dork .)

Anonymous said...

Dork: Dedicated, Original, Rebellious, Kool.

Guy@GK said...

Oh man, now someone is going to think I made that last comment as 'anonymous'! (Even though every word is spot-on...)