Tuesday, March 30

Scott Craig – from the GK archives

A decade ago, when the GK website was starting to celebrate a world of traditionally-styled customs, you just didn't see this kind of bike in chopper magazines. Back then, we hadn't gorged ourselves on pinstriping and metalflake, and it all seemed old-new fresh and beautifully simple.

Can't remember what year Scott sent us these photos – maybe 2002? – but the bikes blew me away then, and the 'Trumpster' is still referenced by chopper lovers today. This what Scott said at the time:

"Hello Guy. You have my Triumph metalflaked chopper featured in your bike section.
Here are two more we just finished here at Chopperville Custom Styled Cycles located in southern California. The gold bike was built for Steve Wertheimer, owner of the world famous
Continental Club in Austin Texas.

It's a 1969 sportster frame, highly modified to accept a 1962 pre-unit Triumph engine and trans; we've been calling it the Trumpster. The other is owned by a guy named Vic Buchanan and it's a 57 panhead engine and frame.
Hope you enjoy – oh and by the way, I've never met you but am a huge fan of your website. Bill Mize in Iowa turned me onto it a couple of years ago. Thanks, Scott Craig."

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