Wednesday, March 3

Knucklehead Steve

One of those timeless choppers I go back to again and again for inspiration.

Knucklehead Steve is one of my IH heroes... and here's (most of) the feature from '96. I think the first page fell out of my scan folder, but you get the drift.

I almost arranged a feature in the mag a couple of years ago on Steve's latest bike, but for some reason it didn't happen. (Email me Steve if you see this!)


Gofannon said...

Man I love the quote about Sturgis: "There were hardly any custom bikes; just stock softails, dressers, and Sportsters, and a bunch of fat bolt-on bikes. The first day I was there I couldn't wait to get out. It was a drag."

jimmy monk said...

I think I bought this guys FXR.
It fucking flies.
This is a serious bike,
Get on Steve.