Saturday, March 6

Bayonet Brothers... the real story

In the heyday of Iron Horse magazine in the early to mid 90s, some of the most interesting features comprised bikes built by two of New York's best known choppin' characters, Indian Larry and English Don. They went on to form a glorious partnership, the Bayonet Brothers, who also featured heavily in IH.

Don, by nature of his birthplace and the crunchy style of his choppers, was a hero of mine. And as Larry went on to bask in the limelight after 'Biker Buildoff', I often used to wonder what had happened to English Don. I even asked on many of the chopper forums, and no one seemed to know what had become of him. I last talked to him briefly in about 2000, then the trail went cold.

In fact, he's now back in the UK, and his life story would make a cracking book (and unsurprsingly there is one in the pipeline). From professional musician to jailbird, bike builder extraordinaire to friend of the stars, his tale is amazing... and we'll be bringing it to you in issue 15.

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Anonymous said...

i think i remember the shop in Hells Kitchen. SD Cycles? Big Guy named Sig? fukn, i dunno. been a while. remember ED though.