Saturday, March 20

Good times, bad times...

... you know I've had my share.

It's been a busy week for my postman.

After months of anticipation and a brutal anal rape by HM Customs & Excise, I finally received my tanks from Irish Rich yesterday.

He's done a beautiful job, and they are truly objects of desire. Only problem is that they're going to need a lot more work before they'll actually fit, and I've already got more money into them than I can bear thinking about. The petcock bung fouls the top motor mount, and the right hand tank just sits on top of the front rocker cover and will need some serious alteration to get it to work, and some notching at the back to clear the rear cylinder. The problems of having parts modified remotely, and with no actual bike to work from, I suppose.

Yesterday I was in a black mood, and was ready to relieve the tanks myself with a ball peen hammer, but luckily walked away from the shed and took a breather.

Today I feel more philosophical, and am too far down the track to go with another option, so they will have to be made to work. There are other rays of sunshine; I think my old Dunlop WM3 can be pressed into service in place of the ill-fated V-Twin rim (I tried lacing the V-Twin rim again yesterday and it just don't work); and to cheer me up Craig from Front St Cycle sent me some goodies (my boy stole the badge) and Jeff Baer (of Knucklebuster Blog fame) sent me a very cool shirt, based on one of my favourite vintage bike shots (see post below). Thanks fellas!


drsprocket said...

Guy, take heart my friend and advice from one who's been there. Once you go down the slippery slope of modifying one of these old two wheeled wonders, it's modify, modify, modify. Re-engineering can be a bitch and it's not over till it's over. One step at a time. When it's done and the road is winding behind you you'll forget what it took to get there. Rich P.S. In for a penny, in for a pound.

zip said...

Guy bring them down to Benny I'm sure he would be more than happy to help