Wednesday, October 24

The Clones Cyclone

I'm a boxing fan. And Barry McGuigan is one of my favourite boxers. I never saw him live but I always made sure I was sitting in front of the TV if he was fighting.

There was an illuminating documentary about him last night on television and after watching it I had more admiration for him than ever. Born in Clones, which is right in the middle of bandit country on the Irish side of the border, he ended up fighting for Northern Ireland (winning a gold medal when he was 17 at the Commonwealth Games) and was never forgiven by some Republicans. He even received death threats and had to carry a pistol when he was in Ireland. Despite this, he never got involved in the politics of the troubles, refusing to wear British or Irish colours on his shorts.


WhitelinePsycho said...

A stylish pug with real class and guts.

john said...

was it the doc called "it's bad coming second?" trying to find it on line.

He shook my hand once in a pub in kilburn and almost broke it off. Wee Barry.

Guy@GK said...

John, it was in a series called 'Sporting Stories' I think.

"I discovered when I was a boy that I could knock a man out cold... I am only 5 feet six on a good day but I have big hands!".

john said...

thanks...will search

Anonymous said...

and the timing of his fight in Vegas was a set up.

has done so much in his life but was sold short as a class fighter.