Thursday, October 18

Phoebus Beat Clan

You probably know Nicke "Rigid Hips" Svensson for his masterful fabrication, manic musings on the universe, superb bikes or even his skateboard company; and as if this bloke isn't talented enough, he's now part of a new Swedish band who I hope are going to take over the world.

Like a bastard cross-pollination of Wolfmother, The Byrds and Electric Six, they are actually a lot better than any pat comparisons might suggest.

Check out my favourite track of theirs here. Get more info on the band here. Check out their forthcoming EP here.

These guys are good! Support the independents!

1 comment:

WhitelinePsycho said...

Dead right mate, this stuff is just brilliantly unique, get your head around the lyrics in "Angler Fish Mishap", super clever shit.