Tuesday, June 12

The Bottrop Bop

Our convoy made it back yesterday, cold and wet, after leaving Rob's place in Antwerp at around 7.30am.

We hit heavy rain at Ghent in Belgium – passing a mangled cow in the middle lane of the motorway that had been hit not by heavy rain, but a truck – and of course it only got heavier once we crossed the channel and got back to England.

Mid-afternoon, we finally circumnavigated London's new moat – the M25 – and I was able to dry my boots in front of Matt's fire and enjoy a cuppa.

UK-France-Belgium-Netherlands-Germany... about 800 miles on 60-year-old motorcycles, with no breakdowns. I think we'll all remember this one for a while.


eat dust said...

Good to hear you all made it home safe.
Was nice hanging with you and you are more than welcome to stay.

The Castle Run said...

Sounds like one to remember for sure..... Did you hold your breath through France :)

steve marshall said...

Shame about the weather mate, but really glad your 800 mile round trip was a safe & breakdown free one.