Sunday, June 10

Bottrop and back

So far, so good... The sun shone down on us as we blasted through Germany and Holland into Belgium. Travelling from the beautiful city of Antwerp to Dunkirk tomorrow, then tackling the last leg from Dover to Matt's place.

Seem to have cured the rough running with Conrad and Oli's help... Plus text support from Rich in the UK. Points gap was far too wide, and we changed the plugs again and double checked the timing.

The Bottrop show was huge; was good to catch up with lots of people from around the world. But really, this trip has been about the RIDE.

Thanks so much to the Eat Dust boys Rob and Keith for their hospitality and help on this trip.

- Posted on the move


WhitelinePsycho said...

Glad the scoot passed the reliability run, seems like a great weekend.

-BaRoN- said...

it was a pleasure riding with u fellas !

conartist said...

... and now ...sleep.