Tuesday, June 5

Arise, Sir Guy

Her Majesty took a bit of time out from her busy schedule to take a ride out in a village near us and was kind enough to knight me for my services to the crown, and of course, publishing.

As a result, I would like to publicly retract any anti-Royal feeling I may have appeared to have expressed, and would like to reiterate my support for all the Windsor family; so nice to have so many European nations represented in our beloved and beautifully British Royal family.

You will probably never get the chance to get as close as we did to our monarch; I can reveal that though a lady of few words, she sat on her horse for close to a week without complaint (or any movement) and her Corgis are the best behaved I have ever seen. She does look a tiny bit grumpy though; perhaps it was the weather, or my kids throwing pebbles at her. Thank you Ma'am, I shall be moving onto my estate just as soon as the present occupants have been beheaded.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

If nothing else Guy, the girl's got stamina, you can't knock that. I've got an estate too, but the rear seats won't fold down so it's a bit cramped. Cheers mate, lookin forward to the next issue from Postman Pat.