Friday, November 25

Issue 24 ... a pre-Christmas cracker!

As we're in Yokohama next week and Christmas is fast approaching, we're releasing the new issue a few days early. If you are already a subscriber – good on ya! – you can look out for your copy from tomorrow.

If you want the new issue – tasty as plum duff – be quick: get your order in sharpish before we piss off to Japan, HERE.

Toddy deservedly makes the cover with his GKM Award-winning, magnificently hand built TR6P. You can also look forward to:

+ Dave Barker at SpeedMetal’s amazing ’38 VL-Knucklehead
+ Swedish time capsule: Roland’s ‘47 UL
+ Grim Reaper’s Ride: Shin’s Knucklehead
+ Brooklyn Invitational: what you missed!
+ Kevin’s ’64 XLCH, the ‘Penner Special’
+ David Snow remembers Larry and THAT shoot... the best magazine cover ever?
+ Family ties: Cal & Joe’s ’52 Panhead
+ Bones Legacy's Bay area ’64 BSA digger... reborn!
+ Trevor’s Brooklyn Beater: minimalist ’76 Sportster


Sideburn Magazine said...

This bike was at Rollerburn. It is a beauty. G

toddy said...

Totaly blown away.... Thanks Guy.