Wednesday, November 16

Bonhams motorcycle auction

Had a glimpse today into the world that exists at the other end of the motorcycle spectrum I am generally used to.

Landed ponces in tweeds, cords and loafers bid ridiculous amounts of money against each other for piles of rust, while the nice stuff didn't get anywhere near estimate.

A rough BSA in a Manx frame's estimate was £1500, and it went for £10.5k. The Egli Vincent went for £20k (£6k under the lowest catalogue estimate) and the Brough went for just over £100k... lowest estimate £165k. Bargain?

I noticed from the catalogue descriptions that many machines had been bought a decade before by owners who had never started them, before entering them again for auction today, presumably then to be bought by another 'collector' to sit in another shed – still unused – for ten years... and so on.

Pete bid on a couple of barn-find Triumphs, but we both looked at each other and shook our heads as the prices rocketed off into the stratosphere.

If there is a double-dip recession, I don't think it will be bothering too many people there today.


Sideburn Magazine said...

Collectors. I can't stand them. Ride them, don't hide them. G

Anonymous said...

Interesting and relevant I reckon. Theres still plenty of interest in old bikes which is good. Even crusty bitzas.
I will be giving my bike a good soaking with salt water and despatching to Blighty immediately.